About Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson, Certified Financial Planner ®

I like to be viewed as a financial coach. Why a coach? Because I love sports and I am strategic like a sports coach when it comes to planning finances.

Let’s face it – taxation is by far the most significant factor that will undermine the creation of your wealth.

As much as you feel that you are in command, chances are there are a few critical areas of your financial plan where I can play a pivotal role.

I help Entrepreneurs and Professionals maximize their wealth by implementing the most tax efficient strategies available to Canadians. Since 2013, I’ve been working closely with my clients to help them understand the tax efficient cash extraction options within their corporations and tax-free investment strategies.

Entrepreneurs hate 2 things:
1. Losing money
2. Paying high taxes

My “Secured Wealth” system takes care of those 2 problems.

My areas of expertise include:

• Tax Elimination
• Wealth Protection
• Wealth Appreciation

Let me show you how to implement my Secured Wealth system that will eliminate your taxes and grow your money predictably year after year.

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  • Helping People with Finances since 2013

    Started with Sun Life Financial

  • Independent Advisor

    Being an independent advisor allows me to choose the best solution for my clients.

  • Education

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a major in marketing and minor in Finance
    • Certified Financial Planner ®   cfp_large
      • Financial Planning Fundamentals
      • Contemporary Practices in Financial Planning
      • Comprehensive Practices in Risk and Retirement Planning
      • Wealth Management and Estate Planning
  • Volunteer

    Coaching in Hockey

  • Awards

    • Graduated Commerce with Honours
    • Young Business Award in Hearst for Most Promising Entrepreneur (2015)
  • Hobbies

    • Hockey
    • Golf
    • Fishing
    • Hunting
Financial Horizons Group

Financial Horizons Group

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Our support and processing team is Financial Horizons Group. Financial Horizons Group is a leading, national MGA that provides a broad array of life, health, employee benefits, pension, investments, structured settlements, and risk management products and services to financial advisors.

About Wilson Insurance and Financial Strategies

We aim to provide honest and hard working service to all of our clients no matter the policy or investment size. By providing consistent service we are able to account for all life’s changes in our clients portfolio’s and to make sure they are adequately accounted for in their overall financial plan.

  • Engagement

    Establish the Engagement

  • Learn

    Learn about your goals, needs and priorities.

  • Analyze

    Analyze your information to determine if you’re on track with your financial goals.

  • Develop

    Develop and present your financial plan.

  • Implement

    Implement your financial plan

  • Review

    Review your Financial Plan.