Do you want to plan for your life after retirement? If you are a young retiree or about to retire, we have a number of plans that can help you manage your accumulated savings throughout your working life. With these plans, you will have an income to meet all your financial needs after retirement.

Objectives Issued to Type of Plan
  •          To be guaranteed of a life-time income
  •          To retain control over any flexible portion
Persons below age 90 Registered Retirement Income Fund


Objectives Issued to Type of Plan
  •          To adapt your retirement plan to your financial needs
  •          To retain control over the management of your investments
Persons below age 90 RRIF
  •          To retain a certain control over investments from your other pension plans
Persons below age 90 LIF
  •          To periodically receive retirement income
  •          To invest safely
As per your financial needs Immediate Annuity