A non-registered savings plan is similar to a personal saving account. The plan helps you accumulate savings to finance your plans (buying a house, education, vacation) or to increase your retirement benefits.

With our non-registered savings plan, we guarantee a higher return rate than the ordinary bank accounts. You will also have access to other investment plans. With the plan, you enjoy all the benefits of products provided by life insurance companies.

People to consider non-registered savings plans

  •  Any person who would want to have a systematic source of income
  •  Any investor willing to accumulate funds to meet short-term goals (vacation, financial cushion, etc).
  •  Any investor who has exhausted their RRSP contribution limits but still would like to capitalize on his/her investments while retaining a certain amount of authority over his/her investments

Characteristics and benefits of non-registered savings plans

  •  Allows you to borrow to boast you’re your investment income
  •  Can be used to pay by pre-authorized cheques if need arises
  •  In the event of disability, we assure you of continuity of your contributions
  •  It protects you from financial market fluctuations to over 100% of your invested capital

Note: Certain terms and conditions may apply

Anyone below age 90 can open a non-registered savings plan. Together with other investment vehicles, you can easily access your capital with no tax withheld. However, you will be taxed on your investment income.